Tuesday, October 10, 2006

2008 VW Golf VI

The VW Golf VI is still on schedulle for a 2008 release. German magazine Auto Motor und Sport presents an article and a new CGI of the compact model from VW. They include a comparison with the offer from Opel, a restyled Astra expected for 2007. We don't think the Astra is the most important oponent for the Golf, the Peugeot 308 and Ford Focus have better features, design and suspension technology than the Opel. In any case, the Golf VI is highly awaited bringing a more emotional design, much needed improvements in interior materials and quality, and new common-rail diesel engines.


Bono said...

I highly disagree with that.
The actual generation of the Opel Astra is the most sold in its segment in some countries. Still, it's a better product in some aspects. I think that the balance between the most important products (Golf, M├ęgane, Astra, Focus, etc...) from this segment is high and it will be still.

David said...

I highly dislike the Astra, maybe I was a bit unfair. But Opel should really upgrade the suspension design to match the multilink setups of the Focus and Golf. The French cars (mainly the 307) don't need that to have superb road-holding. It's their specialty (Peugeot has some special shock-absorbers).
The Astra has certainly enjoyed a good career, but mainly thanks to the relative failure of the Golf V.

Anonymous said...

Hi David , Im from Greece and I read all your posts about the new Golf VI and everything that is in net about this.I am in a big dilemma as I am planing to buy a new car and I was ready to buy the GT 1.4 Golf but after heard that the new Golf will be release in Autumn of 2008 I dont know if it is better to buy it now or to wait for the new model or buy something else like Opel Corsa OPC that will be release in the mid of 2007.Is it good idea to buy a car like Golf when you know that in one year will be a new one?? I know that you have post on this question but I think that you answer wasnt so clear to me.

thanks a lot

David said...

Wait for the new model! And please, don't buy a Corsa OPC, a MINI or Clio or 207 are better choices.
The new Golf VI will be a major improvement and is well worth the wait.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Danny From Scotland. I work for a VW Dealership in Scotland and i have decided to buy the mk5 GT Sport 170tsi, reasons are that the deals are better you get free leather and i can have the car now, in addition to this the whole reason that vw are changing the MK5 so early are that is is costing them to much to build as the suspension is so complex, so all in all the mk5 is a better car, who cares about the new lights! Happy Buying!