Tuesday, April 29, 2008

EV future: Brammo Enertia motorcycle

As expected, electric drives should become afailable first in lighter motorcycles before cars. The Vectrix scooter is on sale and the Brammo Enertia is almost ready for the public. This is a great video from Autobloggreen on the Enertia motorcycle.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Citroen C4 II

What if Citroen came up with a new kind of market research? What if the manufacturer made public a mock up of a design proposal of next generation C4 in order to check public reaction? If, and I mean, only if it would be like that, I would for sure approve the version presented in the picture below... but I'm not sure if it is to everybody's taste. Anyway, figure this: the final design of the C4 is not yet frozen.

The image below, but particularly the new Citroen C5, follow a trend that I believe suits Citroen and other French brands well: to use unmistakable German proportions for the general design but keeping some French weirdness in a couple of details. Like the C5: it does look very German but then it has the weird concave rear window and the different wheel steering with all the buttons. Remember: German proportions, French detailing. A bit like the politics of some left-wing governments in Europe: they basically act like a right-wing government but then have a few left-wing actions as an adornment. It works!

Friday, April 18, 2008

EV Future: Mitsubishi iMIEV

Mitsubishi is showing more and more information about this car. Will this be the first real-life widely available EV?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Audi Q5, almost for real

It seems some magazines already have official images of the new small SUV from Audi and found a way of dealing with the embargo by presenting photoshop images that are clearly based on the real thing. The new Audi Q5 will be super cool and good looking plus featuring practicality and some off-road manners. This image is from CAR magazine. This car would be a sure hit but now I'm not so sure because in several European countries new car tax systems are favouring lower-emission cars and sales of SUVs are decreasing. But still, this car will look really nice so maybe...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Toyota's next Supra?

What do you think? Not bad, but there is not many information about it. Japanese manufacturers have a bad habit of forgeting about developing their iconic models. Like the NSX that Honda left untouched for ages and now is taking too much time to develop a new model. Or the Skyline that Nissan took a lot of time to develop into a new model that is the current GT-R. But a f#cking amazing car it is now! Will the next Supra be as good? Don't think so, but then we already miss a new Supra, right? Bring it on, in preference as RWD and with a V6 turbo! And for all Japanese brands out there: think 911. When you have an iconic hit you stick to the design and main architecture and continuously develop it in successive models. This is a sure profit-recipy.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Audi A6

Pictured below is a nice CGI showing a possible interpretation of the next Audi A6. The new car is related to the A4 model because Audi is using a new Modular Longitudinal Platform for the two cars. This means the next A6 will have a shorter front overhang and improved weight distribution. The rear lights in the illustration are clearly based on the available information on the Q5. Not sure if it will turn out like that but they do look very good.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Breaking News: Ford of Europe declares independence!

In an unexpected development we got to the knowledge that last night the European branch of Ford declared independence. According to our sources the situation was triggered during a transatlantic videoconference meeting between the European and American top bosses to discuss the implementation of the new Fiesta as a global vehicle. Things started on a wrong note when the American crew asked for “more and bigger cupholders”, but reportedly it was when they requested “a bigger grille with more chrome” that an angry German-accent voice was heard: “zwe are tired of your inability, zwe are the ones that make profit, zwe don´t need you, zwe are now independent and zwe vill prevail!..”. The Americans were quick to react and threaten to sue, pursue and generally kick butts everywhere but at that point the Germans were pumping Euro dance music through the videoconference speakers… several Americans simply collapsed with the atrocious sounds.

The declaration of independence by Ford of Europe was unexpected unless one analyses it under the light of the recent events in Kosovo. We are not sure about the outcome of this new geometry and its effects in the auto-industry. But the shockwaves are spreading and making effects: a top VW manager has reportedly said “ah it would be so nice if now Seat declared independence from us, that would be really sweet!”
Edit: this story was published on 1st April of 2008 and yes, it's a fake. April fools can also be a way for one to express his/her wishes!