Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Breaking News: Ford of Europe declares independence!

In an unexpected development we got to the knowledge that last night the European branch of Ford declared independence. According to our sources the situation was triggered during a transatlantic videoconference meeting between the European and American top bosses to discuss the implementation of the new Fiesta as a global vehicle. Things started on a wrong note when the American crew asked for “more and bigger cupholders”, but reportedly it was when they requested “a bigger grille with more chrome” that an angry German-accent voice was heard: “zwe are tired of your inability, zwe are the ones that make profit, zwe don´t need you, zwe are now independent and zwe vill prevail!..”. The Americans were quick to react and threaten to sue, pursue and generally kick butts everywhere but at that point the Germans were pumping Euro dance music through the videoconference speakers… several Americans simply collapsed with the atrocious sounds.

The declaration of independence by Ford of Europe was unexpected unless one analyses it under the light of the recent events in Kosovo. We are not sure about the outcome of this new geometry and its effects in the auto-industry. But the shockwaves are spreading and making effects: a top VW manager has reportedly said “ah it would be so nice if now Seat declared independence from us, that would be really sweet!”
Edit: this story was published on 1st April of 2008 and yes, it's a fake. April fools can also be a way for one to express his/her wishes!

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