Thursday, April 10, 2008

Toyota's next Supra?

What do you think? Not bad, but there is not many information about it. Japanese manufacturers have a bad habit of forgeting about developing their iconic models. Like the NSX that Honda left untouched for ages and now is taking too much time to develop a new model. Or the Skyline that Nissan took a lot of time to develop into a new model that is the current GT-R. But a f#cking amazing car it is now! Will the next Supra be as good? Don't think so, but then we already miss a new Supra, right? Bring it on, in preference as RWD and with a V6 turbo! And for all Japanese brands out there: think 911. When you have an iconic hit you stick to the design and main architecture and continuously develop it in successive models. This is a sure profit-recipy.

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