Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Citroen C4 II

What if Citroen came up with a new kind of market research? What if the manufacturer made public a mock up of a design proposal of next generation C4 in order to check public reaction? If, and I mean, only if it would be like that, I would for sure approve the version presented in the picture below... but I'm not sure if it is to everybody's taste. Anyway, figure this: the final design of the C4 is not yet frozen.

The image below, but particularly the new Citroen C5, follow a trend that I believe suits Citroen and other French brands well: to use unmistakable German proportions for the general design but keeping some French weirdness in a couple of details. Like the C5: it does look very German but then it has the weird concave rear window and the different wheel steering with all the buttons. Remember: German proportions, French detailing. A bit like the politics of some left-wing governments in Europe: they basically act like a right-wing government but then have a few left-wing actions as an adornment. It works!

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o said...

hmmm i like it looks modern all but that last window