Wednesday, May 30, 2007

B91 4RD

This joint has not a great web design, neither flashy interfaces or big galleries or photoshops, and it’s not even updated very regularly. But we have graphics! The one below plots two different handling tests (ISO and VDA) and results from several car models. Ideally, a car should achieve the maximum speed possible in both tests, being this speed the maximum that the car passes the test without the driver (and ESP) loose control. The cloud of points in the middle shows a bunch of middle-class saloons and also a Peugeot 307 (that has better handling than several higher-priced cars). It also shows a couple of reference high performance models (BMW M3 and Porsche Boxster). And there is also the primary object of interest, vehicles B91 4RD and B91 2RD.

We know what car those references point to, but we choose not to say what it is. But we give readers a clue: RD means “roues directrices”… Note how model B91 2RD falls amongst the best of the middle cloud of points, and please note how B91 4RD excels with sport-car-like handling! Completely above all other cars in its class.

At this point we would like to note that we had access to benchmark data like this graphic before…but usually try to be out of trouble… this information is only appearing here because it was made public before. Also it is not 100% sure, we could not verify it with other sources hence be warned about its possible accuracy.

Anyway, if this info is true the particular model the graphic refers to will:
- achieve top marks in passive safety, possibly being the first to achieve the 6th star in EuroNCAP crash tests;
- in its 4RD version will obliterate the competition in handling and active safety...
...thus becoming, by far, the safest car in its class.


Edmar said...

I'm a reader of this blog since last year, never commented, but also, I never see any comment. But this I have to comment. I dont understand what RD means, My english is weak, could you be more direct? P.s.: I have the same admiration about Peugeot than you. I had 6 Peugeot (and one Opel, One Fiat). Know I have a 407 and a 307 SW Sport. the 407 is superb!

Dalibor said...

It's Laguna III

David said...

Edmar: RD in French means "roues directrices". In the B91 4RD refers to having all 4 steering wheels, that is, all 4 wheels steer (chenge direction) the car. But the rear wheels only steer a few degrees to help handling in avoidance manouvers, hence the phenomenal handling in standardized tests.

I admire Peugeots and Renault, VW, BMW, Honda, Audi, etc., etc. I like all cars, even Seat.

Edmar said...

As I can understand is a new model drom a french automaker, just a regular Sedan with 4 steering wheels (Citroen c5?), I dont belive in Renault Laguna. Yes I admire all cars, but ones more than others. I have nothing against SEAT.