Thursday, September 20, 2007

EV future: Saft confirms Lithium-ion batteries for Mercedes S-class Hybrid

A boring press-release, easily forgotten amongst many novelties at Frankfurt show. But it confirms recent rumours that French battery maker was about to make big waves in the auto market. The relevance?: Lithium-ion in cars is for real, it will happen! Beyound niche applications such as the Tesla roadster. In real-world cars and volume sellers. Not only the next S-class hybrid, others will follow. Concerned about the safety of this Li-ion chemistry?... they are putting it in a Mercedes!

These regular hybrids are just the beginning, plug-in will follow and in smaller city cars full electric Li-ion battery vehicles will be made available in the next 3 years. And from real-world high-volume car makers. Remember that Mercedes slogan "the future of automobile"? They are right. And informed readers of auto-future have been following news on the EV future since about one year. We are not stopping, the future of clean auto transportation is bright. And you read about the future of auto here.

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