Friday, May 23, 2008

BMW F3/V3 (NOT!)

According to Motor "Authority" and Worldcarfans the image below shows the next BMW V3/F3 lifestyle 3 series version. Or if you prefer, another niche-filling super-profit generating thing from BMW. I know that in reality the car is actually a E91 touring mule performing cooling testing for the new X1 small SUV. This is what I know, the interested reader can believe it or not, after all they are the "authority". Maybe I should rename this blog to Auto-future-authority. Maybe I will do that when restyling the blog, it has the same design for about two years, the orange header and everything... but probably will not restyle the blog anyway cuz I'm like super-lazy.

The F3/V3 will arrive later in the program, so no mules for now. First we will meet the next X3 and X4 and X1, just to mention niche vehicles related to the 3-series platform. I'm much too bored about these BMW vehicles and all the market niches they find. I care much more about their future EV offer under the 4th brand (named iSetta or some othe cool name they find).

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