Monday, October 20, 2008

2009 Alfa 149

The (great) photoshop below is from AutoExpress magazine and shows how the new Alfa 149 will look like. It's gorgeous and it seems that spreading design cues from the Alfa Romeo 8C across the range is a good idea.

The car itself is not really new since it borrows everyhing that is out of sight from the Fiat Bravo. Apart from the cheap rear suspension that is not a bad proposition. But then, this new Alfa is supposed to go against the BMW 1-series and Audi A3 so it looks to me that fighting those cars without a multilink at the rear is not a good thing... Anyway, the A3 fights the 1-series without having RWD so maybe with great design and marketing Alfa manages to improve its sales performance.


Edmar said...

Why dont you talk about the crisis and possible merger beetween GM and Chrysler? Perhaps nobody knows more about it than you

David said...

Thank you for your comment, that was vey flatering.

But I know nothing on Chrysler and don't really care. Don't even remember covering Chrysler news lately. I guess that's because there is no future in Chrysler...

You can check for a rather obssessive coverage of the issue.