Friday, December 05, 2008

BMW PAC: another New Crossover

Remember what I wrote in the New Crossover article?: "Recent history has told us that if BMW is working on something new then other manufacturers should prepare to react really fast. Their work on the future PAS signals that consumers might be ready to adopt a new type of crossover, one that meets several expectations: it should be lower than a SUV, more car-like, with better mileage than a SUV and less guilt factor, more eco-friendly… but still, it should provide a seating position higher than in a regular car or station and it should provide an aggressive design, an imposing stance. This last feature is important to note because it’s not the sort of thing people admit in consumer clinics."

What if BMW is going not with one, but two "New crossover" cars? That means other manufacturers must react now and fast, really fast, because BMW is usually spot on about new types of cars. So the other crossover is a 3-series based car with a higher seating position than a 3er Touring, but still lower than a X3. It looks amazing in this CGI by Auto-Bild, although it's still early for a confirmation because the final design is not yet frozen.

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