Thursday, January 08, 2009

New car for the compact class (Opel Astra)

The image below shows a new compact car that I can't recognise because can't quite see the badge ;). This new nice looking vehicle seems like the sort of thing that would compete in the European market against the Focus or the Golf. But can't be sure of that because don't know what car this is ;).

Anyway it looks promising unless it lacks a multilink in the rear...
Update: a reader commented on this being the Opel Astra. I actualy knew what car this was but wanted to stay out of trouble at least until some major site picks up the story. Hence the eye-blinks in the original text ;) Well now that I've seen it in I can rest safer.
The car does look really nice but one has to see it in person and on the roads in order to judge if it can make a dent in the Focus or Golf. The main feature is that the car needs to look wide and "substantial", not sure about that from the pictures. We also know how the car will look like inside from recent spy shots: it will look much like the Insignia. Not sure if that is enough to fight the wonderfull Golf VI interiors... And finally on the multilink rear suspension... assuming that the Astra fully uses the Chevrolet Cruze platform it will have an old style torsion beam. Again, it needed something much better to fight the Golf and Focus.

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mobiustech1 said...

Looks to be the 2010 Opel Astra.