Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ford Focus RS day

Today auto-future is celebrating that we were wrong about the new Focus RS. The reader might remember one article about the Revocknuckle where besides describing the technology that would be made available in the new uber-Focus I expressed serious scepticism that such technology would eliminate torque steer in a 300hp FWD car.

But Ford proved me wrong. Not only the Focus RS puts all that power efficiently with the help of a limited slip front differential and controlled torque in the first gears but, according to the first reviews, it nearly eliminates torque steer effect. Better yet, some reviewers point out that the feedback that is still felt in the steering wheel adds another layer to a magnificent driving experience. On top of that one should notice a serious ride quality and a formidable engine sound. It’s great to have this car and the new Audi TT RS to remind us how fantastic 5-cylinder engines can sound.

So today is a celebration day, besides celebrating that auto-future was wrong we are celebrating a breakthrough in automotive technology. Ford moved the game in a serious manner, proving that one can have a 300hp FWD car with great traction, great steering feedback, fantastic handling and still a very good ride quality. This is Focus RS day.

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