Thursday, November 23, 2006

2007 Renault Laguna III (White Ghost)

Renault has been showing us the fashion-dressed Laguna III. White is not my cup of tea but hey, it’s more original than the usual black tape and plastics. Now AutoExpress has caught it in video which is nice to see more angles of the White Ghost. Check this link for their video and while at it check their video section for more on other cars and raise the volume for that BMW M3 V8 sound. Brilliant stuff!

The exterior final design of the Laguna is not known yet. The illustration below was presented by French magazine
L’Auto Journal and looks very good although it’s not entirely accurate. In a typically French manner the inside information is good but the illustration skills are poor. Although many people still speculate about such trickery as the availability of 4-wheel steering the underpinnings of the Laguna III are already well known and will be much more vulgar…

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