Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hyundai Santa Fe

Warning: nothing about the future here! Pictured below is the engine bay of the Hyundai Santa Fe, the V6 version. Have a good look because we will get back to that. We already expressed some good will about Mitsubishi and will do the same about Hyundai or whatever other company that wants a piece of the European market: If you need help about choices for your cars that need to meet the tastes of European consumers just ask auto-future. We will be glad to help and for free! For example, consider the interior design of the Santa Fe. It uses some blue lightning for the instruments. Had Hyundai asked about that and we would approve. It’s a copy of other manufacturers choices but it looks good and suits the brand well. Now consider how they used wood in the interior. Had Hyundai asked about that and we would disaprove. There are some dos and dont’s about the use of wood inside cars and the way Hyundai did it it’s wrong because (assuming it uses real wood) it makes real wood look fake.

So the engine bay then. Doesn’t it look like the engine is off-centre? Well it isn’t, the problem is that Hyundai used the engine cover to make it look like it’s longitudinally mounted when in reality it is transversally mounted. And in the process they dit this illusion in a rather clumsy way. Hyundai is lucky because European consumers will mainly buy the diesel version so this litlle illusion in the V6 will go off notice. But next time please ask advice because consumers over here can be very critical of such moves.

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Anonymous said...

Come on... Like if there are many people that will buy the Santa Fe that will notice the engine cover... You are right about the wood though.