Friday, December 29, 2006

2008 Peugeot 608 CGI

The next Peugeot 608 is generating interest amongst car enthusiasts. But it’s difficult to see why. It will not feature any major breakthrough; it will still be a FWD top of the range saloon which is a bit strange: how can the top model of a car manufacturer use such simple architecture as FWD? Peugeot really needs to move up a level.

Maybe the interest is because, regardless of the humble architecture, Peugeot can make the best use of it and improve on the already great features of the current 607: comfort, handling, diesel engines. The 607 is probably the best car you can buy today out of the E-class/5 series/Lexus GS/ A6-quattro usual luxury choices. The design will be an evolution of the 607 following several themes presented in recent concept cars. The front design of the next CGI is not accurate but the side profile is representative of a subtle approximation to the 4-door coupe class pioneered by Mercedes in the CLS model.

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