Thursday, December 14, 2006

The road to EV future: Renault EV in 2010

After the announcement of Nissan Green Program 2010 (NGP2010) that includes the development of an EV it comes without surprise the news of a similar program by Renault (Renault Commitment 2009) that, amongst other measures, will feature the development and commercialization of an EV. Interesting to note the tile of the programs and the slight difference in schedule (2009 vs 2010). It makes really clear who is the leader in “L’Alliance”.

Until 2010 both companies will be riding two curves: one downwards of battery prices and another upwards of robustness and validation of lithium-ion batteries. Hopefully these two curves will follow an expected pattern that will make high-production city EVs available in the beginning of the next decade. It is not known yet if the new EV will use an existing platform of some small vehicle like the new Twingo or if Renault will develop a new platform optimized for EV architecture.

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