Friday, June 15, 2007

Autozeitung's BMW supercar

German magazine Autozeitung has been dreaming about a BMW supercar. Something mid-engined or front engined with lots of power and relatively light to fight the likes of the SLR and/or Audi R8. Many people dream of such car, however, Autozeitung not only dreams about it but also makes CGIs and magazine articles on the car. Unfortunately, such thing will not exist. What a pity and what a waste of magazine paper and resources! We will have (that is, the lucky folks with enough cash) high powered 4-door coupe and coupe-roadster BMW models but nothing specifically addressed at a supercar war. More like GTs to fight several Mercedes-AMG equivalents. Still, here is one pic of Autozeitung so let's share their dreams for a while and then go back to the real life!

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