Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ford Taurus

The Taurus name is an important one in American automobile landscape. A name that is currently associated to a failed car that started as the Ford five-hundred and later changed to Taurus seeking more success. Anyway, the impression below shows a reliable interpretation of the future Taurus. It doesn't look very exciting, but it doesn't need to be.

This is not the car that will save Ford of North-America. It doesn't neet to be. This car needs to look big but inoffensive, like a bigger Camry with interiors like a Camry or Accord. Just that, keeping it simple and adopting tried and tested tactics from Toyota and Honda. And that is what Ford will deliver, and with some new more fuel-efficient engines. It might not be the sales leader but it will improve sales greatly from the current model. And if every new model from NA-Ford delivers just that a safe path for the future will follow. We know this new Taurus is an improvement in the right direction, as well as the future Fusion, and the new Fiesta and the next Euro-Focus...


mcastro said...


congrats for your blog, I've been reading it since one year ago. It's fantastic the way you capture the last and most interesting news.

Now that I have created mine, and if you don't mind I will put a link to yours.

Please visit , it's in spanish, but I hope you will understand more or less.

You can add a link to my blog if you want.


David said...

Thank you for your words.

It's nice that you do a Citroen blog. Citroen cars are weird, but in a good cool way.