Thursday, September 18, 2008

Renault Megane break

This is a good-looking CGI predicting the future Megane station. The new Megane is a nice design if only a bit inofensive. Still, much better that the previous one.

The only problem with the new Megane is the same as the Astra (if the Astra indeed gets the Chevrolet Cruze platform): no multilink at the rear! It has been 10 years since Ford introduced it at first generation Focus. Since then the Ford family got it (Mazda 3, volvo S40) as well as the Golf family (Golf, Audi A3, several Seat and Skodas) and even Hyundai/Kia have a multilink at the rear.


Anonymous said...

Im sorry but my English is not very good. What is a multilink? I dont understand ...

David said...

A multilink rear suspension is a more sophisticated independent system found in most upper-class cars.

The torsion beam system is simple and slightly less effective.

Any car the size of a BMW 3-series has a multilink at the rear. Except the Renault Laguna.

The best models in the compact class have multilink also. The Focus was the first. But some still don't like the Megane, 308, C4, Astra.