Thursday, November 20, 2008

2011 BMW 3-series

The CGI below shows a possible interpretation of the next BMW 3-series. It's not very reliable because the future model will show a design language closer to the CS concept, and the car will be sleeker and longer than the current version. As the next 5-series and new 7-series, BMW sedans will be on a more sleeker/elegant theme. Also of interest is that a V3/F3 crossover version is rumoured to have been given the green-light, further extendind BMW's bet on the "New Crossover" idea.

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Anonymous said...

Cars have gotten so booring lately.
I anxiously await the new batch.
I hope the emphasis will be on reducing weight, improving low end torque, and most importantly I hope there will be a purist revival. I'm looking forward to fun and responsible oriented engineering.

San Diego