Monday, November 10, 2008

The New Crossover: the dos and don'ts, related vehicles

A previous blog entry on possible Volvo stations has developed into a rational thinking about a New Crossover segment. This article exploits current visions that are close (or intend to be) to that concept. Let's look at what is wrong and what is right in several current vehicles, establishing cues to a future successful New Crossover.

Toyota Venza
Not surprisingly Toyota is alert about a future cross between a SUV, a station and a MPV. The Venza, pictured below, is a typical Toyota interpretation, adequately competent and boring. The car is on sale in the USA and its lacklustre design is the major don't feature: in order to succeed the New Crossover needs a really special and inspirational design. And what about that Ford Edge front rip-off?... speaking of Ford...

Ford Flex
Ford is alert too, here is their attempt at a new crossover segment. The Flex sure has space and utility but again, the design is wrong: too boxy and reminiscent of a station. It just looks like a pumped up station. Certainly it's not boring as the Venza but then it also doesn't hit the spot.

Yes, I know this is a sort of SUV, but it's the most car-like and a very emotional design. A New Crossover could be born out of such move from SUV to car but having more space and utility. It sounds difficult to match those features with an atractive design but if our insiders are right the new BMW PAS will indeed be very X6-related although looking more like a big hatchback. That just reminded me of big-tall-failed hatchbacks...

Renault VelSatis and Opel Signum
Some years ago Renault and Opel thought that a big hatchback might be a premium vehicle. So they made the VelSatis and the Signum. That didn't work very well. Actually, it Renault's case it was disastrous although understandable looking at the hideous thing below. A cross between a SUV, station and MPV can indeed end up looking like a big hatchback but in order to achieve success it can not end up looking like these two loosers below.

This is it for recent vehicles that might serve as inspiration (good and bad) for a New Crossover concept. Probably forgot about some more but hopefully you got the idea. The next article will look at recent concept cars that point directions for a desirable New Crossover. We will end up with the right design and technology although, unfortunately, the car brand that presented it will not probably make it real.

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