Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Citroen DS4

According to different French sources one of the future DS models is the DS4 previewed below. It’s a 4-door coupe but one or two sizes smaller than the pioneer Mercedes CLS. So it’s based on the platform used for the next Citroen C4. The design in the CGI looks fantastic but the new car has a major challenge to face: usually 4-door cars of that size look like crap… so can Citroen execute a smaller 4-door coupe properly? I believe they can.

The reader might wonder why doesn’t Citroen make a 4-door coupe based on the C5 model. Fact is the wonderful Citroen C5 already looks a bit like a 4-door coupe and that’s part of its charm. But also it seems Citroen believes it can have more success in pushing a more premium sub-brand based on the smaller cars where Citroen has a more solid market position.

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