Wednesday, August 23, 2006

2008 Opel Vectra

Another Opel Vectra CGI has surfaced, this time as a Vauxhal model. Are you wondering what a Vauxhal is? Nevermind, it's irrelevant, I'm not even sure I spelled it properly... The Opel Vectra is not highly awaited because the current one is not very popular. However the bright side is that it can improve a lot considering how poor the current design is. The CGI is not bad, but the idea is that it might look a bit like a 4-door coupe, the new craze of the industry. Unfortunately the car will not make use of the new Holden Commodore platform, hopefully the new RWD for the masses platform, at least in the USA. The European Opel model will use much cheaper and generic FWD underpinnings, so better luck next time.


Anonymous said...

nice, but where is the CGI?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Good looking car, still I won't buy an Opel since even they are cheap, maintenance cost are far from what we could call cheap. Not talking about reliability which is... hum..quite an abstract concept for Opel.