Wednesday, August 02, 2006

2009 VW Touran

Pictured below is a possible interpretation of the VW Touran replacement. The current VW Touran is a successful vehicle despite its boxy and generic design. One of the most expected improvements consists precisely in adopting a more car-like design, as opposed to the current van-like esthetics. Other expected improvements are concerned to interiors: the current version is very poor in design and perceived quality. So much that some people believe the Touran is based in some VW commercial vehicle such as the Transporter. But the Touran is a proper car, based on the PQ35 platform. This is expected to remain largely unchanged as with the future Golf VI: only refinements with minimal platform changes.

One of the interesting bits of the 2009 Touran is concerned with how much VW will evolve the design. It is believed that the Touran will adopt a new trend of making people-carriers closer to sporty stations. Think of it as Merc R-class spreading its influence to cheaper cars… but also the following of the current Ford S-max that is clearly oriented towards “active lifestyle” as opposed to the Ford Galaxy with people-carrier design. Other interesting arrivals in this type of vehicles are the Peugeot 308 SW (a possible 7-seater station that sort of merges with the people-carrier crowd) and the Corolla Verso successor.

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