Tuesday, August 08, 2006

2008 Peugeot 308 SW

The illustration presented is not new but it is interesting because some features make it very reliable. It refers to the station version of the next Peugeot 308. The interested reader can look back at Peugeot 308 articles for reference (predictions, analysis, will it fail?). Some recent inside information has drawn attention to this image because it is rumored that the 308 SW will not follow the rear-lights and C-pillar arrangement of the 407 SW, unlike the 207 SW that will be very similar. Also recent spy pics from of the 308 5-door prototype Lehman have shown a C-pillar design similar to the one found on this image. Interestingly those spy-pics are more recent than the picture presented below. Furthermore, inside information from a PSA supplier states that the 308 will be presented and begin its career still in 2007 with the SW version following later, in 2008. Some of the parts for this new model are already being manufactured in small trial series.

It is not yet sure if the 308 SW will be available with 7-seats as the current model. Since the 3008, a small people-carrier, is also being developed it is not clear if the 7-seat availability will disappear from the 308 SW. But it would be a good move if Peugeot could upgrade the design of this model to a more emotional shape while maintaining 7-seats. This would be a nice alternative to small people-carriers, with more car-like design, lower centre of gravity and enhanced driving dynamics. These have been strong selling points of the current 307 SW: a car that can seat 7, or have a very big luggage space, but still drives like a proper car, better yet, like a Peugeot!

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