Monday, September 25, 2006

2007 Mercedes C-class... and a brave prediction

Photos of barely disguised C-class Mercedes are very common these days, just check one of the latest below. A lot was written about this important car here at auto-future (check it here or here). While we wait for official images (and these could arrive shortly after Paris show) we noticed a very brave prediction of future sales of the new C-class vs the next Audi A4, presented by Auto Motor und Sport magazine. Wow, what a strong Mercedes supremacy, does AMS has some very special inside information on these?... Some questions were asked concerning this, and the experts opinion was: "Europe's economy is finally on a steady climb again". So what!? Well, more money will be available and this translates to a simple conclusion: for those that can afford the Mercedes or BMW, the Audi model simply does not exist...

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