Monday, September 04, 2006

2009 Audi A1 roadster

In 2009 Audi will present a new model, the Audi A1. This will use the platform of the next VW Polo, adequately “badgengineered” for the new model. Can’t wait to see what will Audi make out of the VW Fox one day… For now, there is the information that besides a small 3-door hatch Audi can also present a roadster model. This model will have a familiar Audi front shared with the A1 and a rear section with some design clues of the Audi R8 model.

The idea of a small roadster is not new. When Pischetsrieder arrived at the top of VW group one of his ideas for new models was a small roadster with central engine and rear-wheel drive. A sort of VW MR2 using engines and suspensions from the Polo. Making this car as an Audi model makes sense because it fits well into Audi marketing target and it’s easier to justify the premium positioning. However, don’t get too excited because the A1 roadster will probably turn out to be just a 2-seat cabrio with FWD - a sort of Opel Tigra but much more expensive...

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