Friday, September 01, 2006

2007 VW Golf variant

The two interpretations presented below are similar although from different sources. It’s not difficult to photoshop a variant version of the Golf V once the shape of the C-pillar is known. The variant version is arriving with some delay in the market because VW took the opportunity to introduce some changes in the whole lineup of the Golf model. The variant will present rear lights with diode technology, similar to the ones found in the Golf plus. The front design will be similar to the Jetta and will also be adopted by the 3 and 5-door versions. The interiors will have some (much needed) improvements in quality of materials and presentation. And finally, new diesel engines will be available during 2007 with the adoption of common-rail technology.

The C-pillar design is an interesting departure from the usual norm at VW to have almost vertical pillars to maximize load space up to the rear hatch-door glass (check the old Golf IV and Passat variant versions). But the new design is more sophisticated and gives a more sporty appearance to the car. In VW group cars it was first used with the A6 variant. Although it doesn’t allow so much trunk space up to top level it has another interesting design advantage: it sort of masks or disguises longer rear overhangs. In this way VW can increase the rear overhang and have bigger luggage space without the car looking goofy or with wrong proportions. Just check the current Jetta design for an example of too much rear overhang that looks wrong.

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It looks similar to the Latin American Suran / SpaceFox, with a hatchy rear. But is it needed with the Golf Plus and Touran on the streets?