Wednesday, April 04, 2007

BMW mid-engine Z10 (Not)

Pictured below is a conceptual drawing of a future (in the words of site topspeed) mid-engine BMW Z10. The news is from some weeks ago and was received here with satisfaction, physically expressed in the form of drooling. The drawing has some McLaren F1 inspiration which is interesting and appropriate considering that the vintage supercar had a BMW V12 engine. Although very happy with the idea we were sceptics about it since no information was available on future BMW mid-engine cars but… there is a new top management at BMW so maybe they had new ideas and our dreams would come true. Since then several inside informers have been contacted in order to try to find some truth in the rumour but … nothing! Three well informed and reliable persons have clearly stated that there will be no mid-engine F430 fighter from BMW. Front-engine super-GT SLR competitor yes! Mid-engine, no!

Such was the disappointment that we asked again but no. Too much investment, no recent experience with mid-engine, not enough possibilities for sharing components with other models, etc. Considering the success of the Audi R8 as an halo model and the future F430-like mid-engine from Mercedes-McLaren we wonder if BMW is doing the right thing. Maybe if fans support the idea and strongly ask for it… The only thing for sure is that the folks at topspeed had a dream of a future supercar from BMW and decided to draw it themselves.

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