Friday, April 13, 2007

Caricature design

The nice sketch you see below is not of a future VW model but it is indeed one of the official sketches done during the design development of the current Golf Plus. Doesn’t look much like the final design, right? Unfortunately this is a very common event, the initial sketches are fantastic but very exaggerated, almost like caricatures.

This brings us to the idea, what if car manufacturers would be able to bring to life those caricature features of initial sketches? We can remember two cars where that actually was done: the Chrysler 300C and the BMW 1-series. The exaggerated proportions (very high shoulder line for example) and the way these cars look with big wheels are signs of this approximation. Both are great successes, design-wise and also in sales and image. So just maybe this features will be found in more new models… The frequent reader of auto-future might have noticed that sometimes we like to follow or anticipate new or future trends (like our EV-future series), and this time let us trademark caricature design, just in case.

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el_monty said...

Another car that possesses caricature design and has been a great success is the Mercedes CLS. Everybody I know would like to have one if they could afford it. And maybe the Honda Civic would also qualify in this category. I wish the companies would learn from these success stories and not be afraid to introduce some more flair in their designs, even if it means sacrificing some practicality in some cases, because cars nowadays are a fashion accessory and people want to drive something that looks good.