Thursday, October 25, 2007

Honda says won't build plug-in hybrids

In an interesting interview to The Wall Street Journal, Honda's chief executive Takeo Fukui told journalists that the "so-called" plug-in hybrid gasoline-electric vehicles didn't do enough for the environment, so his company isn't going to pursue them.

We find this statement very interesting because it reminded us of other statements from Honda some years ago. In case the reader didn't notice, this auto-future joint is based in Europe, and some 10 years ago we remember Honda saying that they had no interest in diesel engines and doing a lot of talk about the benefits and advantages of their Vtec gasoline engines. Eventually time proved how wrong they were and eventually Honda had to make a diesel engine for the European market. In the meantime Honda lost a lot of marketshare in Europe and today is out of pace in the modern diesel engine market.

So now Honda does a lot of talk, again... well at least they are pursuing pure Electric Vehicles but we are sure plug-in hybrids will have great market possibilities. In any case, if in the future the folks from Honda have trouble finding their direction in this competitive market, just send an email to auto-future and we will help for free.

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