Monday, October 01, 2007

Seat Ibiza 2008

The picture below shows the next Ibiza, as presented in Auto Motor und Sport. Please visit their site for more photos and/or keep reading for more information. Lately we noticed CAR magazine uses a Q & A scheme in their articles. We are going to borrow that cuz we think it makes us look cool!
What is it?
It's the next Seat Ibiza at night in a road with snow. The car itself it's basically a Skoda Fabia with different body panels and interior. These cars are also closely related to the next VW Polo and even the Audi A1. Business as usual at VW group.

What are the differences then... any new engine?
The Ibiza will follow Seat's motto "sport and tacky" so the interior detailing and external design will be less classic than Skoda's or VW's. Nothing new on the technical bits, whatever is found on a Polo will have its place in the Ibiza. Maybe a more chip-tuned TDI with lots of red lettering in some sporty (and tacky) edition but that's it for technical differences.

Why should I care?
You shouldn't!

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