Monday, October 15, 2007

Prodrive working on new Focus RS?

The next Focus RS has been an elusive machine with conflicting reports on whether it will exist or not. Apparently it will, but resulting from the very specialized work of Prodrive, the race-proven automotive development company.

The new car will be based on the recently-restyled shell (hence the illustrating picture below is old news), adequately beefed up in tyres, brakes, stiffness, etc. for the task of delivering to the tarmac an amount in excess of 300hp courtesy of an inline 6 cylinder 3 litre turbo engine. Wow, that should sound glorious, we just love inline sixes! Of course it can not handle such power with FWD so a 4WD system will be available. Much of this stuff is based on existing Volvo offers (the engine and Haldex AWD system) but with extensive modifying by Prodrive engineers. There are also rumours that the new car could get a torque-vectoring rear differential but this last info is for now unconfirmed.

The development story of this new RS reminded us of the old Focus I RS and how at a certain point we believed that machine would never be made. It turned out a glorious car even if a bit unrefined. We expect that the new one will also be a bit rough around the edges but with that turbo inline six it should be epic.

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