Friday, January 18, 2008

EV future: we are bored!

Last year the star of Detroit Show was the Chevrolet Volt concept. We acknowledged that right away and awarded the car our concept Car of the Year 2007 right in January! Now this year in Detroit we got a bunch of concepts that are series hybrids like the Volt or plug-in hybrids, or pure EVs: Dodge Zeo; Dodge EcoVoyager; Saturn Vue PHEV; BYD F6-DM; Cadillac Provoq; Fisker Karma; Saturn Flextreme; Jeep Renegade... so many, compared to last year's show!

So now, we are bored, we don't care for any of these vehicles, we want real cars on sale. Pure EVs or plug-in hybrids, it doesn't matter! Please Toyota, GM, Mitsubishi, Subaru, make it happen, the race is on!

The Chevrolet Volt: on test very soon, still our car of the show

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