Monday, January 07, 2008

Porsche Panamera architecture

Good news from Porsche, the German manufacturer officially confirmed that the next Panamera will have a hybrid version. Ok, we already knew about that, the real good news is about the architecture of the new 4-door saloon visible in the image below. The Panamera will have a RWD architecture with possible AWD implementation as found in most Mercedes and BMW cars. There were rumours that Porsche could use something similar to Audi's architecture with the engine hanging ahead of the front axle, this considering the liasion between the two brands. This type of architecture is clearly inferior in weight distribution although cheaper and making possible to use lots of parts from even cheaper cars. Fortunately Porsche will use the superior BMW-Merc-Lexus architecture thus achieving real luxury status. The image below also confirms that the Panamera will not use a transaxle setup such as the one used by Maserati.

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