Thursday, January 31, 2008

Peugeot 408

The image below presents a possible design for the replacement of the Peugeot 407. Some of the features in the CGI are consistent with known points for improvement in the 407: the doors that are the now of recessed type and the front design that is a bit more mature and could ensure a better aging of the vehicle's design. Although these issues are improved in the CGI below it doesn't necessary mean that the image is reliable, still too soon to know. Other interesting future development is to find out how Peugeot is going to improve the design to be on pair with the "brother" Citroen C5... I find it difficult to improve on the wonderfull design of the new Citroen!


el_monty said...

Citroën is leaving Peugeot in the dust in terms of styling these days. It used to be the other way around some years ago, when Peugeot was launching some nice stuff like the 206 and the 307, while Citroën was saddled with abominations like the 1st-gen C5, the Xsara or the 1st-gen Picasso. But now that Citroën has finally begun to come up with original and attractive designs, Peugeot seems to be unable to do anything else but rehash the same styling cues over and over. It seems like it's gotta be one or the other

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