Tuesday, February 12, 2008

2009 BMW 5-series

Please take note of the keyword for future BMW sedans: sleeker. If you remember well, in 2001 BMW added a layer to the 7-series (as explained by Bangle) and initiated a new design language that included other features, such as the flame design that BMW's master of sheet forming techniques allowed. The design language spread to such cars as the 5-series and 3-series that became bolder and more complex. Future conventional saloons will bring a new direction towards sleeker designs and more elegance. Several reasons are on the basis of the shift: new emission regulations favour the research of more aerodynamic shapes, hence the cars will become longer, which makes it easier to reduce Cx coefficient. And also will provide for more interior leg space. Furthermore BMW has new offers in the range: new SUV, compact-SUV and coupe-SUV plus the "lifestyle" versions of the 5-series (Progress Activity Sedan)... this opens space for further differentiation by making the design of the classic sedans more sleeker and elegant. The concept BMW CS is a clear indication of the new direction, both in overall proportions and some of the detailing. The next BMW 7-series will be the first (again) to present the new language with the 5-series (see CGI below) following.

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