Friday, February 22, 2008

New VW Polo minivan

The image below presents a possible interpretation of the minivan version from the next VW Polo. It shows predictable influence from the Up concept car. From the picture it does not seem like the next Polo minivan will be the first atractive car of this genre. Renault Modus, Opel Meriva, Peugeot 1007... all of these cars look like crap because of the poor proportions (the height is too big compared to the width). However, these cars frequently offer added capacity for cargo and more space for occupants. Rationally, very good cars, unfortunately it's very difficult to make an atractive design. Maybe the next Opel Meriva with its suicide doors will improve desirability.


el_monty said...

In the images I have seen, the new Meriva certainly does look like an attractive car. I hope they change as little as possible from the concept to the production car.

Johnny said...

Same shape as Toyota's Scion xD, aand about the same size.