Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ford Focus III station

Is it station what Ford calls the Focus station these days?... or is it break, or touring, or sportback, or lifestyle van... maybe they could try with acronyms in BMW's fashion: PAS-Progressive Activity Sedan. In the Focus case it could be PAH-Progressive Activity Hatchback. BMW will be using more acronyms for internal designations of future cars, other than the PAS, there is the CS concept and also the next SAS (Sports Activity Sedan, that is, the X4... a coupe-ish version of the next X3). One can expect other brands to start doing the same, as usual. I also invented a new acronym, in this case applied to the litlle MINI Clubman station: it's the POS.

Whatever name they call it, the next Focus station will borrow the great design of the 3rd generation Focus, if some of the CGIs turn out accurate... I sure hope they do, because the only thing Ford needs to improve in the Focus is to get a more emotional design, The recent restyling was a good move but Ford can do better.


Reugenk said...

Good car. I like it.

used car donation said...

This one is my Favorite car.