Monday, June 23, 2008

Ford Focus III

The CGI presented below is recent although it is based on an older CGI from a Greek magazine. The more recent interpretation incorporates design elements from the new Fiesta. We can confirm that some of the elements in the image are real, namely the overall shape and proportions of the car... or maybe we can't but we really want the final version to look like that. The thing is, in this piece of writing some stuff might be real and some will just be our wishes for the new Focus, hoping someone listens...

So starting on the front design please do keep the lower trapezoidal grille. This is a design element very well resolved in recent Euro-Fords and one that establishes a clear and dynamic front identity. If Ford does not change its mind in future car generations with new languages different from current "Kinetic Design" I could see this trapezoidal element to achieve the same importance as the twin kidneys in BMW or Audi's singleframe. Such strong and time-lasting front identity would be important to improve image for the brand.

The reader will notice in the image below that the shoulder line is higher than in the current version. This is a typical element of CGIs and design sketches (just as the huge wheels) but it is one that I would like to see implemented. More metal, less glass... as if it would move to a "5-door coupe" language or if you prefer a bit more Audi-influenced side profile. The reader will also notice the character line running in the sides, this must-have feature in current automobile design is already present in the current Focus II.5 and will be carried on to version III. Actually, inside information has already confirmed that the new car will look a lot like the current Focus restyled but with a more cohesive design. I like those words, "cohesive design", I think it's just what Ford needs for generation III Focus: a more cohesive design, even stronger proportions (a Martin Smith specialty) and a time-lasting surface language. Well, this is so easy to write and ask for these things, it all makes sense but in reality it's very difficult to achieve... however, congratulations to Ford for the restyled European Focus, it really is a strong base to build the 3rd generation.

More on Focus III in the next days, the rear design, the interior wish-list, the "global platform" thing, will it have huge cupholders because of the Americans?...

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