Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Focus III...

The image below shows a possible interpretation of the rear design of the Ford Focus III. I don't know how much of it is based in real information but let me make this clear right now: it looks fantastic!... better yet, it's fucking great! Perfect! Please notice the evolution of the rear lights keeping the Focus high-mount signature but with a more upscale look. Also have a look at the huge wrap-around bumper, a feature that is now feasible and looks great. If this is the real deal then Ford has a home-run in its hands.
Another thing in the "wishlist" that is visible in the CGI is a "more compact" visual. This means that some of the car proportions, particularly in the rear section are a bit closer to the first generation Focus than the current model that is a bit more elongated with a higher slope in the C-pillar/3rd window area. So please bring more compactness to the car, a feature that favours a more robust perception in the design.
One of the things Ford must be targeting is a more upscale design that can allow high sales volumes with more margin per car. Such objective can be achieved with a more emotional design but also with some clever detailing. Some little touches that can make a difference are a particular headlamp design (wonderfully executed in the current C-Max in xenon versions but also in the rear light cluster with LEDs). But it would also be nice to see in the new Focus the kind of door framing present in the S-Max and Mondeo with a nice glow finish. This type of element was actually present in the Focus I so it's time to bring it back in place of the vulgar plastics of the Focus II.

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