Friday, June 20, 2008

News on Ford... and on Focus III next week

First things first: next week you will be able to read some stuff about the 3rd generation Ford Focus here at auto-future. Because we have new info?... no, simply because I noticed in our statcounter software some suspicious IP addresses that suggest important people from an important manufacturer read this joint. Oh yes, or maybe we got it totally wrong who knows... but some of that IP information doesn't show only numbers... also cities and even companies... great thing that statcounter software. So I will take this opportunity to write about the Focus III, more precisely on how I think the new car should be!

Other Ford bits are extremely amusing: this week a rumour spread that North-American Ford was about to retool some of its factories from trucks and big SUVs to compact cars. It's not just a rumour, it's true. And those compact cars are no other than the Euro Focus and related family such as the C-Max and Kuga. This reminded us of our April's fool joke when we came up with the "news" that Ford of Europe was declaring independence!... it seems after all that Ford of Europe is taking over global Ford in the development of new products (future Fusion/Mondeo, new global Fiesta) and now bringing some Euro models to America. That Ford badge with the yellow stars is starting to make sense after all...

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