Thursday, May 21, 2009

2011 BMW PAC (or 3 series GT)

The CGI below is from Autozeitung and shows a possible interpretation of a “New Crossover” by BMW, the 5-series GT equivalent of the next 3-series family. An important feature of the new car that is apparent in the CGI and confirmed by internal sources is that the 3 series GT will be an hatchback with a more complex rear section than the 5-series GT… I don’t know quite well how to explain this, but the design will feature more creases and surfaces in order to make it more err… complex. Thus it will not look just like a big hatchback as with the 5-series GT.

The rest of the car will be about classical BMW over-engineering and class leading fuel efficiency. And it will be more expensive than a 3-series touring but cheaper than a X3.

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