Wednesday, May 20, 2009

2011 Lexus compact

Reports have surfaced on the possibility of a 1-series fighter from Lexus for the European market. This has even had a sort of official confirmation… One must consider why Lexus is trying to fight in this competitive market, but the premium hatchback, and compact cars and derivatives are a growing segment in Europe. So I guess it makes sense for Lexus to bring a 1-series competitor.

However, in order to achieve success Lexus must consider a few things: the new car must have several diesel engines. The BMW 116D starts at as low as about 115hp… Same thing with petrol engines and preferably with turbo versions. And of course, the new Prius powertrain would fit really well in such car, preferably with plug-in availability.

Small problem though: the luxury compact can not be a FWD Toyota Auris derivative. I mean, it could be, but then Lexus should really study Audi’s marketing techniques… The real compact luxury Lexus should be based on a shortened RWD IS platform.

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