Tuesday, May 02, 2006

2007 Toyota Corolla

The next Toyota Corolla is ready and on final testing. The hatchback version was designed in France (!) just like the current one. Another move in Toyota's relentless pursue for increasing its market share in Europe. Slow and steady Toyota will get there! European brands: be afraid. For now the Corolla will be a conservative evolution of the current model. Below you can see a small picture of its face, then an unreliable photoshop (the second pic) and a picture of the car in final testing. Auto-future will make predictions about the success of this car when the final dimensions are known - the main thing Toyota needs to improve for Europe is the proportions of the car (mainly increasing the width) and how the influence the road presence.

warning: crap photoshop

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sg said...

The nigthmare came true: the all new toyota auris (corolla hb). i cant believe that it was designed in france; it should have been the trap of french to the toyota. what an ugly car; quite disgusting...the previous corolla hb was even more more more better than this...i wonder when will toyota be able to design cars???