Monday, May 22, 2006

2009 Porsche Panamera: the CLS for the really rich

The influence of the Mercedes CLS will be felt for years to come. Check the previous text on auto-future about the CLS. Highly influential vehicle! One of the most interesting derivations is the next Porsche Panamera. A vehicle set to be a cash-cow for Porsche. Business as usual, all Porsche vehicles are uber profit-makers. However this one will not make so much money as it could because, unlike stated in some news, it will be a true Porsche, 100% in-house material, without recurring to some VW group platform. This means good news for the reliability and quality of the Panamera. It also means that Porsche will spend more time and money developing it. We will probably see the Aston Martin Rapide (another 4dr. coupé with CLS influence) on sale before the Porsche. Hurry up Porsche!
The first mules are being tested now, no full prototypes built yet. Technically we can expect V8 and V10 engines from the current Cayenne and Carrera Gt, although the V10 will be slightly detuned for torque. RWD and AWD versions are in the program. Unfortunately a flat-six is not expected because of limitations in the platform - mixing V8, V10 and boxer engines is complicated.

Pictured below are some interpretations based on an official factory sketch. However, don't be fooled by the rear section. It will be a bit more conventional because, unlike initial reports, the Panamera will turn out as a 4dr. vehicle and not as a 5dr. hatchback. A wise change of plans by the Porsche direction board. In 2009 and later we will see a formidable fight between uber-saloons in the shape of 4dr. coupés: Porsche Panamera, Aston Martin Rapide but also a rumoured super-Bugatti. But they are all influenced by the same vehicle: the Mercedes CLS. A future classic that you can buy today.

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