Friday, May 19, 2006

2008 BMW V5, RFK, LSC...

Pictured below is a collage of several interpretations of a future BMW vehicle: a R-class competitor based on the 5 series platform. A sort of crossover, uber-van, wait…no, van is a forbidden word for BMW! In the mix there is also a CGI of a rumored smaller version based on the 3 series. This vehicle (in the picture is the one that is not weird and looks like a B-class) was canceled so back to the LSC. LSC stands for “Luxury Sports Cruiser”,a nice acronym that BMW’s marketing people invented. It is also known as RFK that stands for “Room functional concept” and V5 that stands for Van, oops!

There is a minor problem with this vehicle. BMW bosses don’t like vans so they hesitated a lot before giving the green light for its production. They looked at different versions because they did not want it to look like a “V-thing”. That is why in the picture below you see two different versions with the Huckfeldt signature (the ones in the top-left corner). BMW did hesitate between different versions before deciding. By the way, the most reliable versions in the collage are the ones highlighted in red. This time Huckfeldt is not spot on. So while BMW bosses were thinking about it the Merc R-class was getting ready for market introduction. We will have to wait until 2008 to buy the BMW LSC. BMW will arrive a bit late to the market.

Technically the BMW LSC will be mainly based on the next generation 5 series platform. There are rumors that it will only seat 5 persons with 4 individual luxury seat plus one additional. Fake! It will have to seat 7, at least optionally. There are also rumors about a carbon fibre roof, intended to lower the center of gravity. That might be a reality. Remember this: when BMW people talk about handling and the technical choices that influence it, they are serious. It’s not marketing hype. They do believe in their principles (weight distribution, longitudinal-central engine, rear wheel drive etc.). If they say that the LSC will handle like a sports car believe it. The LSC will handle like a proper bimmer. Engine available will be those of the next 5 series except for the base 4-cylinder units. Hybrids versions are in the program as well as for the rest of the BMW range.

Is it worth the wait? The prospect of moving the family and luggage in big style and luxury can already be accomplished with the R-class. The LSC will be a formidable competitor. And others will follow the lead, as usual. Buy the R-class now, or the BMW LSC later. And forget about big SUVs.


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