Monday, May 29, 2006

Infiniti: welcome to Europe!

Recent news have stated that Infiniti, a Renault owned brand, will arrive in Europe in 2008. Auto-future would like to give a warm welcome to this brand and rejoice with this excellent news. This arrival means that consumers will have more choice in the luxury segment. The excellence of the luxury trio (Mercedes, BMW and Lexus) will be challenged by this new competitor. More choice, more competition usually means better prices and service. More good news are related to Renault influence in Infiniti. Currently Renault has no influence over Infiniti products but this will change in the future. This means that design and product evolutions will be up to date with European tastes. Expect, for example, to receive an updated G35 in 2008 with some slight changes over the recently presented G35 sedan. And diesels: Europeans love diesels and Infiniti products must reflect these preferences.

In the next days Auto-future will look at this important event. What to expect from Infiniti, their chances of success but also some reflections about the (bright) future of Renault. And the reasons why PSA (Peugeot-Citroen) needs to be worried…

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