Monday, July 03, 2006

2008 Ford Falcon

Readers of auto-future already know about the upcoming Holden Commodore that will be unveiled this month. This will be a fantastic car and has been gathering a lot of interest, not only because of its features, but also because it will serve as basis for several GM models in the future. But what about its biggest competitor in Australia, the Ford Falcon? Well, so far almost nothing, no reliable CGI, no news of prototypes or even mules being tested. Ford is seriously late on the development of this car. And that means sales of the Falcon will suffer a lot. However, recently a news article from CarPoint reports that the 2008 Falcon's design will draw inspiration from the Iosis concept. How predictable that is… the Iosis is now believed to serve as inspiration for every new car from Ford so expect some Iosis-based photoshop of the new Falcon in the next months. But until the new Falcon arrives the Holden Commodore will be causing a lot of damage…

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