Tuesday, July 18, 2006

VW station (R-class for the volks)

One of the good reasons to spend great amounts of cash in such machinery as a Mercedes R-class (besides the superior levels of engineering, quality, reliability, etc.) is that you know that you will have an exclusive vehicle for some time. It's one of the good things of buying from market leaders like Mercedes, you know others will follow...

One of the followers is previewed by Auto Motor und Sport in this month's issue. For around 2009 the less afortunate can buy a R-class wannabe from Volkswagen. It promises a lot of space and none of the engineering, quality, reliability, etc. of the Mercedes. But it will be cheaper, of course.

The VW station is expected to use modular elements from Audi platforms. In the program V8 engines exist, which means a longitudinal position and torsen AWD. Not bad at all! Also V6 and 4-cylinder engines will be found and also in diesel versions. Diesel 4-cylinders will be of the common-rail type and the cheaper versions are rumoured to use FWD.

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